My list of recommended resources

The aim of my blog is to try to simplify the process from deciding if an Apprenticeship is the route you right through to your final interview. There are many many excellent resources out there, almost too many, so it is easy to become overwhelmed with information; hopefully I have helped to pull this all together in a more manageable format. Here is a list of websites which you can use to research further and where you sign up to for updates and job alerts. I also have an instagram page – apprenticeshipnews on which I will post updates letting you know when apprenticeships open for applications. Open an account and add your CV to search and apply for apprenticeships. Your account will show you who you’ve applied to and the outcome of your application. Sign up and you can create your own candidate profile and search for jobs and employers. You will receive emails regarding virtual (and in person) careers insight events that you can sign up to attend where you can find out about different employers and the apprenticeship programmes they offer. These tend to be with very large professional companies who are often looking for candidates of the very highest calibre. Sign up and add your CV to receive job alerts and apprenticeship news. The website has lots of articles and advice and is a really excellent resource. You can research careers and it gives you information on every kind of apprenticeship out there. I wish I had found it sooner! Sign up and search for apprenticeship vacancies, read about the different career options, view the advice hub and use the industry guide to look into different areas that you may be interested in. Sign up and create a profile which can be viewed by prospective employers (My advice on this would be don’t sit back and wait for employers to find you, it is a very competitive market and you need to be very proactive.) You can also search and apply for opportunities. You can read about other students experiences and search their blogs for advice. Sign up and create a profile, search for apprenticeships and read resources. You can also apply for online work experience to build your skill set has some good general advice, plus you can do a careers quiz and sign up to their Careers Finder to search for apprenticeships An excellent resource to help you develop your skills for employment, write your CV and prepare for interviews Free careers advice and training courses and all the options for employment and training